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Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2021

The Town of Orleans is seeking to improve the travel experience for all users of its streets – motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists – through the development of a Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. With funding provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Orleans retained the services of the Cape Cod Commission transportation staff to develop this plan. This study explored transportation improvement alternatives to reduce conflicts, improve traffic flow and incorporate multi-modal transportation options in Orleans while furthering the creation of vibrant, pedestrian and bicycle oriented mixed-use centers throughout the town.

To learn more about the MassDOT Complete Streets Funding Program visit the  MassDOT Complete Streets Funding Program Portal.

Public Outreach Meetings

A public workshop was held in December 2019 to gather input on potential projects to include in the Prioritization Plan.

Members of the community joined Commission and Town staff at a second public workshop in November 2020 to review the Draft Complete Streets Project Prioritization list and share feedback. 

Below are link to copies of materials shared at the meeting.

Report & Next Steps

Guided by the input from public meetings and in conjunction with the Town of Orleans, Cape Cod Commission staff prepared a final report and the Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. The prioritization plan was submitted and approved by MassDOT in June 2021 as part of the town’s ongoing participation in their Complete Streets Program. The Town is now eligible to apply for construction grant funding up to $400,000 from MassDOT for any of the projects listed on the Prioritization Plan.

Orleans Complete Streets Report

Orleans Complete Streets Prioritization Plan


Interactive Draft Complete Streets Project Map
Draft Complete Streets Project Map (click here to see launch an interactive map)


Project Resources

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Oct 25, 2019
Orleans Complete Streets December 2019 Public Meeting Flyer
PUBLIC INPUT SESSION Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm New DPW/Natural Resources Facility 40 Giddiah Hill Road, Orleans, Mass. Q: What is a “Complete Street”? A: A Complete Street provides accommodations for all users including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and persons with disabilities. What do you think would improve Orleans’s streets for bicyclists and pedestrians? The Town of Orleans and the Cape Cod Commission want to hear your thoughts. Join us for a public meeting to help us understand the issues and opportunities in your town. Based on the information from this meeting, improvements in Orleans will be listed in a Prioritization Plan that will help your town gain access to state and federal funding. For more information, please visit or call 508-362-3828 This meeting is accessible to people with disabilities. The Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provides reasonable accommodations and/ or language assistance free of charge upon request (including but not limited to interpreters in American Sign Language and languages other than English, assistive listening devices and alternate material formats, such as audio tapes, Braille and large print, as available). For accommodations or language assistance please contact the Cape Cod MPO by phone: (508) 362-3828, fax (508) 362-3136, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), dial 711 or email Title VI Notice of Nondiscrimination: The Cape Cod MPO complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related federal and state statutes and regulations. It is the policy of the Cape Cod MPO to ensure that no person or group of persons shall on the grounds of Title VI protected categories, including race, color, national origin, or under additional federal and state protected categories including sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, creed, ancestry, veteran’s status (including Vietnam-era veterans), or background, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity administered by the Cape Cod MPO. To request additional information about this commitment, or to file a complaint under Title VI or a related nondiscrimination provision, please contact the MPO’s Title VI Coordinator by phone at (508)362-3828, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), dial 711, fax (508) 362-3136 or by e-mail at If this information is needed in another language, please contact the MPO’s Title VI Coordinator by phone at (508)362-3828. Caso estas informações sejam necessárias em outro idioma, por favor, contate o Coordenador de Título VI da MPO pelo telefone 508-744-1299. Complete Streets Prioritization Plan: Improving Safety & Accommodating All Users Town of Orleans- Public Meeting
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Nov 05, 2020
Complete Streets for Orleans Prioritization Plan Development November 5, 2020 Zoom Virtual Meeting Traffic & Parking Committee Ice Breaker • What do you think of these proposed goals for the implementation of Complete Streets projects in Orleans? • Improve Access (for pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles) • Improve Safety • Support to local economy • Improve Equity (e.g., improves access to affordable housing) • Promote public acceptance of shared use roadways • Submit your feedback in the chat. • If anyone is having technical issues, use either the chat box on your screen or call (508) 744 – 1261 and staff will assist you. • Participants wishing to speak should click “Participants” icon on the lower toolbar and then click “Raise Hand” in the dialog box to notify the presenters. Telephone participants should press *9 to indicate that they wish to speak. To mute or unmute your phone press *6. • This meeting is being recorded and will be available on the Cape Cod Commission website. THANK YOU FOR JOINING THIS VIRTUAL MEETING • What are Complete Streets? • What is a Prioritization Plan? • Overview of December 2019 Public Meeting • Project Development • Project Evaluation/Rankings • Group Activity to Discuss Preliminary Rankings • Next Steps Tonight's Agenda What is a Complete Street? Complete Streets Defined: A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes – walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets improvements may be large scale, such as corridor-wide improvements, or focused on the needs of a single mode. Benefits of Complete Streets §Safety §Health benefits §People with disabilities §Children and aging population §Environmental benefits PRIORITIZATION PLAN §Up to $400,000 per town for Complete Streets Prioritization Plan Construction Projects § State Highways (e.g. Route 6, Route 6A and Route 28) are not eligible for Complete Streets Funding Program Healthier Communities Through Design, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington PRIORITIZATION PLAN TEMPLATE § Rank § Project Name & Description § Environmental Justice Population § Project Limits § Project Start & End Locations § Complete Streets Project Origin § Complete Streets Project Type § Complete Streets Needs § Will this project be coordinated with other communities? § Total estimated project cost § Complete Streets funding request § Other funding sources and amount § Anticipated construction duration § Desired construction start date COMPLETE STREETS PROJECT TYPES § Traffic Flow and Safety § Bicycle Facilities § Pedestrian Facilities § Transit Facilities COMPLETE STREETS NEEDS § Safety § ADA Accessibility § Pedestrian Mobility § Transit Operations and Access § Freight Operations SIDEWALKS & DESTINATIONS ROADWAY CLASSIFICATION TRAFFIC VOLUMES & CRASHES WALKING DEMAND ANALYSIS Roads that do not currently accommodate pedestrians but are near activities are shown using the following priority color scale: DECEMBER WORKSHOP § Definition of a Complete Street § Benefits of Complete Streets § Funding Available for Complete Streets § Prioritization Plan Template § Complete Streets Project Types § Complete Streets Needs § Context Sensitivity § Existing Conditions DECEMBER WORKSHOP § 4 worktables with a facilitator and 7-8 attendees § Maps of town roads annotated with markers and post-it notes § Identification of problem areas and potential projects COMPLETE STREETS PROJECT SUGGESTION MAP § Developed from suggestions from the workshop, recommendations from past studies, and local knowledge § Reviewed with town staff and representatives of the Select Board and Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee EVALUATION CRITERIA Stage 1: (available scores up to maximum of 10-25 points) [1a] Improvement in pedestrian safety (e.g., near reported crashes) [1b] Improvement in pedestrian mobility (e.g., sidewalks on both sides of road) [1c] Improvement in bicycling safety (e.g., near reported crashes) [1d] Improvement in bicycling mobility (e.g., provision of fully separated facilities on both sides of the road) [1e] Improvement in network connectivity (e.g., connections to existing paths & adjacent towns) Stage 1 Score = sum of above scores x project length EVALUATION CRITERIA Stage 2: (available scores up to maximum of 10 points) [2a] Access to Environmental Justice areas: (e.g., within 1/2 mile) [2b] Public/Stakeholder support: (e.g., support from stakeholders and many comments from public) [2c] Compatibility with community goals: (e.g., projects identified in local plans) [2d] Environmental impacts: (projects impacting multiple environmental resource areas can receive negative score) Stage 2 Score = sum of above scores CRITERIA SCORING Total Benefit Scoring (assumes equal weighting of Stage 1 and Stage 2 scores) Total Benefit Score = Stage 1 Score + Stage 2 Score Project Cost ($millions. Based on project type and unit cost, multiplied by project length) Benefit/Cost Score = Total Benefit Score/Project Cost Ranking CRITERIA EVALUATION
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Apr 26, 2019
Scope of Work: Complete Streets Prioritization Plan for Orleans, Massachusetts Page 1 SCOPE OF WORK APRIL 26, 2019 Complete Streets Prioritization Plan: Improving Safety and Accommodating All Users ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS BACKGROUND The Town of Orleans has agreed to join MassDOT’s Complete Streets program to provide streets that address the mobility needs of all users – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, persons with disabilities, and transit riders- making streets safer, sustainable, and more accessible to a wide variety of people. Providing safer, more accessible and comfortable means of travel between home, school, work, recreation and retail destination helps promote a more livable community. The project team will review all streets in Orleans and collect the needed data. Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) counts as well as Turning Movement Counts (TMCs) will be collected. High traffic volumes, particularly in the summer months, has caused congestion and crashes along some of the main routes, such as Route 6. The study will rely on public participation to better understand how street design can impact the quality of life in Orleans neighborhoods. The Cape Cod Commission will meet with stakeholders and interested members of the public to facilitate the project direction, develop alternatives and a list of priority projects to improve Orleans streets. STUDY OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to explore transportation improvement alternatives that will reduce conflicts, improve traffic flow and incorporate multi-modal transportation options in Orleans while furthering the creation of vibrant, pedestrian and bicycle oriented mixed-use centers Page 2 Scope of Work: Complete Streets Prioritization Plan for Orleans, Massachusetts throughout the town. The safe accommodation of pedestrians and bicycles has been previously identified by the Cape Cod Commission as critical to achieving the goals of the town to create nodes of mixed-use development. The study aims to establish a preferred roadway redesign which addresses multi-modal transportation improvements, including pedestrian and bicycle connectivity. The study will make recommendations for roadway changes that accommodate projected traffic volumes while accommodating all users of the roadway. This evaluation of preferred alternatives will result in a Prioritization Plan for the Town of Orleans. TASK 1: PROJECT INITIATION The Cape Cod Commission will conduct an initial site(s) visit and kickoff meeting for the project with the DPW Director and invited participants. The Cape Cod Commission will gather information regarding previous ATR counts and TMCs within the study area. The kickoff meeting will also be held to record ideas and input. During this meeting the Cape Cod Commission staff will determine stakeholders, agencies, and organizations to contact, to set strategies for working with the community, and to assist in preparing the public involvement portion of the project. Deliverables  Electronic copies of meeting notes TASK 1A: DATA COLLECTION/MAPPING The Cape Cod Commission will inventory existing ATR counts and TMCs in Orleans and analyze these patterns. The MassDOT Project Intake Tool (MAPIT) will be used for data collection and mapping. Additionally, existing studies from local and regional planning initiatives will be reviewed. The inventory and analysis will include the following:  Roadway congestion  Parking availability Scope of Work: Complete Streets Prioritization Plan for Orleans, Massachusetts Page 3  Existing Right-of-Way (ROW) issues  Pavement and markings conditions  Bicycle/pedestrian usage  Capital investment plans  Network gap analyses (bicycle, pedestrian & transit)  Roadway maintenance plans  Pavement management systems  Private development projects  ADA assessments  Bicycle & pedestrian assessments  Roadway safety audits Deliverables  Inventory of existing roadways and facilities  Maps of existing roadways and facilities  Summary of existing plans and related studies TASK 1B: ON-SITE RECONNAISSANCE The Cape Cod Commission will visit the existing facilities in Orleans while evaluating and photographing ground-level conditions. TASK 2: PUBLIC INFORMATIONAL MEETING The Cape Cod Commission will conduct a public informational meeting. The Commission staff will provide meeting materials, including sign-in sheets, and comment forms. Cape Cod Commission staff representatives at the meeting will include at least two key personnel knowledgeable of the project. The Town of Orleans will secure the locations, dates, times, and advertising for the meetings. Deliverables  Cape Cod Commission staff will provide a draft and final meeting summary of all comments received TASK 2A: OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSTRAINTS Page 4 Scope of Work: Complete Streets Prioritization Plan for Orleans, Massachusetts As part of a public kickoff meeting, develop opportunities and constraints throughout Orleans and identify areas for detailed study. TASK 3: CONCEPTUAL DESIGN Develop conceptual design plans that demonstrate Complete Streets initiatives. Cape Cod Commission will meet with stakeholders and review data to determine areas of major concern and identify potential solutions for these areas. Deliverables  Conceptual design plans TASK 4: TECHNICAL REVIEW Peer review conceptual designs by other CCC transportation/planning staff and incorporate revisions for final presentation and public participation meeting. TASK 5
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