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Transportation staff provides transportation planning and technical assistance to the Cape communities and region. With expertise in safety, transportation funding, complete streets, land use planning, transit planning, and context-sensitive design, the transportation staff works to promote a safe, reliable, and multi-modal transportation system that meets the diverse needs of the region and its people.

This page lists featured project as well as files from past projects.

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8M pdf
Jan 14, 2021
Falmouth Complete Streets Public Meeting #1 Slides_2021-01-13
Falmouth Complete Streets Prioritization Plan V i r t u a l P u b l i c I n p u t S e s s i o n Wedne s da y J a nua r y 1 3 , 202 1 a t 6 : 00PM Jo i n Ou r P r o j ec t Ema i l L…
1M pdf
Jan 10, 2022
FAL-Complete Streets Survey Results
Falmouth Complete Streets Prioritization Plan Public Survey Results July 2021 • An online public survey was released on June 11, 2021 to gather feedback on what projects are most…
3M pdf
Feb 26, 2015
Claire Saltonstall Memorial Bikeway - Cape Cod Segment Recommened Route Revisions (February 2015)
First-level Heading First-level Heading Claire Saltonstall Memorial Bikeway: CAPE COD SEGMENT – RECOMMENDED ROUTE REVISIONS February 2015 Table of Contents Introduction…
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