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Liquor Licenses (for Takeout, Delivery, New Outdoor Seating Areas)

Wine iconDuring the State of Emergency, Massachusetts has allowed businesses with liquor licenses to sell beer and wine for off-premises consumption, provided that food is purchased with it. Because many food establishments make a significant amount of their revenue from alcohol sales, allowing them to continue selling beer and wine both on site and as take-out with their food helps bring in critical revenue. Local licensing authorities could grant existing liquor license holders temporary permission to allow take-out alcohol purchases along with take-out food purchases, for pickup or delivery, or to serve alcohol in outdoor dining areas now that outdoor dining is permitted. Towns could establish a simple on-line application process or Temporary Allowed Activities Form to be reviewed by designated town staff. Town health and licensing staff could oversee the temporary alcohol and food permits, with select board review and approval.


  • Ensuring establishments are still in compliance with any local and state laws or regulations 
  • Adequate separation from sensitive locations such as high traffic locations or schools 
  • Requiring food also be purchased 
  • Deferring or reducing licensing fees


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