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Start Date: 2017


The Cape Cod Commission engaged Crane Associates, Inc., in collaboration with Economic and Policy Resources, Inc., to develop a Regional Housing Market analysis covering each town on Cape Cod. The housing market analysis puts numbers to the existing supply and demand and looks ten years down the road.

The study provides detailed measurements of existing housing shortages, forecasts supply-and-demand gaps over the next ten years, and serves as a basis for regional strategies to meet identified needs. Recognizing the region’s unique needs, sub regional opportunities and constraints of the Upper Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape and Outer Cape are also part of the analysis.

The study shows what housing products are obtainable to households at a range of income levels up to 160% of median income without overspending housing budgets (using the US Department of Housing and Urban Development indicator of 30% of income). The supply of these housing products, compared to the regional demand for them, will show any gaps that exist between housing availability and demand for households of different demographics.

Cape Cod Regional Housing Market Analysis

Housing Market Data


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