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Start Date: 2011

Wastewater Management Planning for Bourne's Downtown (2012)

The Town of Bourne requested technical assistance from the Cape Cod Commission in 2012 to provide technical services to support the Bourne Wastewater Advisory Committee (BWAC) efforts, including a review and assessment of water and wastewater planning issues related to Downtown Bourne and developing a report.

Working with the BWAC, Commission staff helped assess water supply and demand and potential water supply sites, and prepared a build-out analysis for downtown Buzzards Bay and the Bourne Development Campus north of the Cape Cod Canal.

Buzzard's Bay Growth Incentive Zone (2011)

The RESET team worked with the Town Administrator and Planner to finalize a Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ) application for downtown Buzzard’s Bay, which the Cape Cod Commission and the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates approved in Spring 2011. The Village of Buzzards Bay was identified in the town’s Local Comprehensive Plan as a place for desired growth, particularly commercial and mixed-use growth. The GIZ designation raised thresholds for Developments of Regional Impact in specific areas designated in the application.

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