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Start Date: 2018


The 2018 Regional Policy Plan (RPP) Data Viewer organizes data by technical bulletin or system. Alternatively, all data referenced in the 2018 RPP is also available in one section for flexibility. 

Data by Technical Bulletin includes the following categories: Placetypes, Water, Ocean, Cultural Heritage, Wetlands & Wildlife, Open Space, Coastal Resiliency, Transportation, Community Design, Economy, Energy, Waste Management, Capital Facilities and Infrastructure, and Housing. Each categories contains mapped data layers of the resources in that issue area; for example, under Coastal Resiliency, view the SLOSH zones, Historical Shorelines, Districts of Critical Planning Concern, FEMA Flood Zones, and Ocean Management Plan boundaries. 

The same data layers are regrouped and available organized by system: community, natural, and built.

2018 RPP Data Viewer

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