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VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Historic Preservation Roundtable

Note: The meeting will be held virtually, with all Cape town Historical Commission members participating remotely, pursuant to Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021, An Act Relative to Extending Certain Covid-19 Measures Adopted During the State of Emergency.

Members of the public can join the meeting using one of the following methods:   

By clicking on the following link:, passcode: join

Going online to and clicking on “Join Virtual Meeting.”

Participants wishing to speak should click the “Raise Hand” icon on the lower toolbar to notify the chair. In some versions of Zoom, "Raise Hand" is under the "More" icon. The chair will recognize participants.  

Calling in to (929) 205-6099 and entering meeting ID 995 4185 2324

Phone participants wishing to speak should press *9 to notify the chair. Press * 6 to mute/unmute. The chair will recognize participants.  

Please join the virtual meeting at least fifteen minutes before the start of the meeting and call (508) 362-3828 if you have any issues joining.  


  1. Introductions: Commission staff, members of each Cape Cod town Historical Commission, and other participants will introduce themselves
  2. Review March 8, 2022 Roundtable meeting minutes: Attendees will vote on whether to approve the draft meeting minutes of March 8, 2022.
  3. Presentation by Jennifer Doherty, Local Government Programs Coordinator, Massachusetts Historical Commission: Jennifer Doherty will discuss state-wide historic preservation programs, assistance to Local Historical Commissions, updates to the state’s cultural resource inventory system (MACRIS), and its on-line mapping tool (MACRIS Maps).  Questions and discussion will follow the presentation.
  4. Future Meeting Topics: Participants may suggest topics for future meetings
  5. Adjourn

Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact the Cape Cod Commission at (508)362-3828 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting; for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) dial 711.

Caso estas informações sejam necessárias em outro idiomapor favor, contate o Coordenador de Título VI pelo telefone (508)744-1299 or Para serviços de retransmissão de telecomunicaçõesdisque 711  

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