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Start Date: 2022


The Commission is working with the Donahue Institute at UMass Amherst to update and expand the 2017 Regional Housing Market Analysis. The 2017 analysis included an assessment of housing supply and demand across the 15 towns of Cape Cod, subregions, and the region, for 2015 (the year of the latest data available at the time of analysis), and with projections for 2020 and 2025.

This updated assessment will result in updated figures and results of the 2017 Regional Housing Market Analysis using the most current available data, identifying current and potential future gaps in the region’s housing market for resident households (both owners and renters) within various sets of income cohorts and life stages, and will provide baseline demographic and economic information. It will also provide demographic, economic, and housing supply and demand projections through 2050 and capture additional detail about housing needs, particularly as they relate to the region’s workforce and year-round residents. 

Cape Cod Resident Housing Survey

Key to this effort, and new for this update, is a survey of Cape Cod residents to better understand their housing situations, what factors influence their housing situation and choices, and whether they are satisfied with their current housing arrangement. The Cape Cod Commission is working with the Donahue Institute at UMass Amherst and the Center for Public Opinion at UMass Lowell to carry out this survey. This survey will be sent to a random sample of Cape Cod residents in the month of September. If you receive a postcard asking you to take the survey, it would be greatly appreciated if you do so. Your input is invaluable in gaining a greater understanding of the housing opportunities and challenges facing Cape Cod residents. Thank you!


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