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The Cape Cod Commission and Cape Cod Municipalities may coordinate their efforts to identify and designate Growth Incentive Zones (GIZs), areas particularly desirable and appropriate for concentrated growth and development, and establish corresponding Development of Regional Impact review thresholds unique to and in support of such designated areas. Such a designation furthers values and interests set out in Section 1 of the Act: to maintain and enhance sustainable and balanced year-round economies; to provide opportunities for economic development and  growth; to maintain and enhance a variety of housing types and opportunities; to maintain and enhance the availability of desired goods, services and amenities; and to direct and incentivize development to locate into areas with a system of existing or planned synergistic uses, capital facilities, amenities, infrastructure and compact development and away from areas less appropriate or undesirable for this type of development.

Currently, there are three designated Growth Incentive Zones across the region:


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