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Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2019
  • Project :  WHOI New Quissett Facility (CCC File No. 19022)
  • Project Applicant:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Project Site/Location:  360 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth (Woods Hole)
  • Project Description:  Proposed building of approximately 50,000 sq ft gross floor area at WHOI’s Quissett Campus, with associated site improvements

Project Resources

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128K pdf
Oct 25, 2019
2019-10-24 - WHOI-NQF DRI - Supplemental Materials - Cover Note - Revised Plan Set and Conservation Restriction Plan
From: Eliza Cox Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2019 9:55 AM To: Kristen Clothier Subject: WHOI / NQF - Minor Site Plan…
169K pdf
Oct 24, 2019
2019.11.14 WHOI - NQF Continued Hearing Notice
POSTED: To View the posting date/time, please visit the Cape Cod Commission’s official posting location at HEARING NOTICE CAPE COD COMMISSION…
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