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The Cape Cod Commission launched the Cape Cod Climate Initiative in 2019. This initiative is a community-focused, information-based effort to inform a strategic framework and collaborative approach to address the region’s contributions to and threats from climate change. Through this initiative, the Commission is developing new resources, such as a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory, to inform development of a climate action plan. The Commission is seeking non-profit organizations interested in participating in this region-wide effort to identify strategies and develop an action plan to address this critical regional challenge.

Throughout development of the climate action plan, the Commission will be working with a professional facilitation team, which will be available to provide assistance to the selected participating organizations. The facilitation team will work with the Commission to ensure balanced representation of organizations and, as such, an organization’s expression of interest does not guarantee they will be selected to participate.

Participating organizations will be expected to:

  • Host two professionally facilitated focus groups between October 2020 and January 2021. The facilitation team, as provided by the Commission, will assist with planning, agenda development, facilitation, and meeting summaries. The organization will be responsible for outreach to its constituents to ensure adequate representation at each of the two focus groups.
  • Assist with survey outreach to encourage a high response rate. Surveys seeking the public’s perspective on climate change challenges, willingness and ability to support solutions, and interest in various climate mitigation strategies are anticipated throughout the project and participating organizations will be asked to share these surveys broadly across their networks.
  • Provide their expertise and perspective, as needed and appropriate, throughout development of the climate action plan.

 The Commission anticipates providing $1,000 to up to six participating organizations as a stipend for staff time to organize focus groups and assist with outreach.

Interested organizations should submit a one page statement of interest that identifies their organization, its mission and role in the region, contact information for the primary point of contact, and details regarding their interest in the impacts of and solutions to Cape Cod’s climate change challenge.  Statements of interest should be submitted via e-mail to no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday October 1, 2020.


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