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The Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative exists to offer a coordinated approach to enhance the water and wastewater management efforts of towns, the Regional Government and the broader community. The Collaborative seeks to protect Cape Cod’s shared water resources and to provide access to cost effective and environmentally sound wastewater infrastructure. The Collaborative seeks funding support for the Cape communities, establishes priorities, directs strategy, builds support for action, and fosters regionalism.

The Collaborative functions using the following structure:

  • The Collaborative shall be managed by a 17-member Governing Board composed of multi-faceted, managerially-experienced persons representing each participating Town and Barnstable County.
  • Each Town joining the Collaborative shall appoint a representative and the Commissioners shall appoint two at-large representatives to serve nominal two-year terms as members of the Governing Board.
  • The Steering Committee, a five-member executive management body, shall be in session as often as needed between regular meetings of the full Governing Board in order to provide timely policy direction and to take decisive management actions as needed.
  • Three members of the Steering Committee shall be appointed by the Governing Board from within its member Towns, and the other two Steering Committee members shall be the same individuals appointed to the Governing Board by the Commissioners.
  • The Governing Board and Steering Committee shall routinely consult with and receive support from a Technical Advisory Committee for research regarding wastewater technologies, and for engineering and technical assistance on wastewater system capabilities, development, operation and maintenance.
  • The Governing Board meets monthly and the Steering Committee meets as necessary. View current meeting schedule, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

The Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative was created in 2005 by county ordinance. The ordinance was revised and replaced in June 2017.


Section 208 Plan Guidance: Consistency Determination

Section 208 Plan Guidance: Consistency Review Criteria

Committee Proposed Ordinance (2017)




Next Meetings

Thursday Dec 09, 2021
AGENDA: Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative
Start Time: 10:00 AM


  • Paul Hebert
  • Ryan Bennett
  • Dr. Robert Duncanson
  • Paul McCormick
  • Jane Crowley
  • Ray Jack
  • Vacant
  • Sims McGrath
  • Vacant
  • David Mason
  • Emily Beebe
  • Justina Carlson
  • Jeffrey Colby
  • Zenas Crocker
    County Appointee
  • Mark Forest
    County Commissioner
  • Mandy Holway
  • Ed McManus


Project Resources

View All Resources

306K pdf
Mar 11, 2020
Regional Policy PlanRevised 7/03; Effective 9/03 2 I. Introduction Background The Cape Cod Commission Act was approved by the voters of Barnstable County in March 1990
52K pdf
Sep 09, 2019
2019-05-13 CCWPC Steering Committe Minutes
Ms. Perry noted that this is something that is typically presented to the Collaborative Governing Board, but at the time of the last meeting …
157K pdf
May 03, 2017
Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 1-5, 1-6, 6-1 and 6-2 of the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter, the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative is hereby established
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