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Start Date: 2020

35 Scudder Avenue Residential Community
Development Agreement

  • Project: 35 Scudder Residential Community (File No: 20065)
  • Project Location: 35 Scudder Avenue, Barnstable MA 02647 (Assessors Map 2819 Parcel 110)
  • Project Description: Proposed construction of a new multifamily residential community
  • Project Status: The Commission acted favorably in February 2021 on a Notice of Intent (NOI) for a Development Agreement submitted by applicant LMC. The NOI is in relation to a proposal to redevelop the site of the Twin Brooks golf course with a new multifamily residential community that includes 312 rental homes in 13 buildings.

Note on the Public Hearing Process

Public hearings will generally be organized by RPP issue area, as noted in the tentative schedule below. This schedule is subject to change and will be updated, as necessary.

Members of the public wishing to comment at any hearing will generally be allowed three minutes to speak. Written testimony may be submitted any time throughout the hearing process.  Anyone wishing to provide expanded testimony (in excess of three minutes), should file a written request to the attention of Jordan Velozo, Chief Regulatory Officer, at The request should include a summary of anticipated testimony, any written documents or visual presentation materials that would be introduced at the hearing, and the amount of additional time requested (up to a maximum of ten minutes).  Requests to provide expanded testimony must be received three business days prior to the hearing for which the request is intended. Commission staff will contact any person who has filed a timely request to inform them whether their request can be accommodated.

Project Application

Project Resources

Development Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

Next Meetings

Tuesday Dec 20, 2022
HEARING: 35 Scudder Residential Community
Start Time: 5:30 PM

Project Resources

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2M pdf
207K pdf
Apr 07, 2022
2022-04-07 35 Scudder Ave-Staff Report
Cape Cod Commission File No. 20065 | Emblem Hyannis | Staff Report Page 1 of 5 Cape Cod Commission Staff Report Development Agreement Review DATE: April 7, 2022 PROJECT: 35…
15M pdf
Mar 14, 2022
2022-03-11 35 Scudder Ave-Development Areas Plan
LOCUS ZONE 2 L = 1 0 9. 7 6 R = 1 9 3 . 9 7 INFILTRATION BASIN 2 INFILTRATION BASIN 1 BUILDING 1 F.F.E.=27.5' BUILDING 3 F.F.E.=25.5' BUILDING 4 F.F.E.=22.5' BUILDING 6 F.F.E.=25.5…
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