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Project Update: Davis Straits, Falmouth

A visual preference exercise on the types, scale and placement of buildings was part of an October 11 workshop with the Falmouth Planning Board for the Davis Straits planning study.

Using photographs comparing different types of development, many of which were from Falmouth, Commission staff led a discussion with attendees about their preferences.

The project has two parts:  a redevelopment plan for Davis Straits and Worcester Court between Scranton Avenue and Jones Road, including means to encourage mixed-use development; and plans for a Greenway Corridor linking Little Pond with Teaticket Park.

The workshop ran about 90 minutes, with input from the planning board and public to better define what was wanted from the process. The next step is to draft a study report and recommendations.

Historic aerials of the study area were also show to better visualize how the area developed and changed from 1938 to the present.

The results of an earlier survey of stake-holders produced a word cloud, emphasizing the most used words. Housing, buildings, parking and traffic were among the most used words in describing the area.

Moe information on the project can be found at

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