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Cape Cod Ponds Network holds inaugural meeting 

The Cape Cod Commission and Association to Preserve Cape Cod convened the first meeting of the Cape Cod Ponds Network, held virtually on June 8, 2022. More than 60 people attended the meeting, representing nearly 25 different pond groups across the region.  

Those who live, work, and play in and around the hundreds of ponds on Cape Cod feel deeply connected to these water bodies. Ponds and lakes provide a unique range of ecological, social, and economic benefits, and properly functioning ponds play an essential role throughout Cape Cod watersheds.   

Awareness and concern for the quality of Cape Cod’s freshwater ponds is increasing. Documented impairments to ponds include harmful algal blooms, increased nutrients and eutrophication, high phosphorous levels, and increased cyanobacteria advisories.  

The pond network is designed to provide a single forum and meeting place for pond groups throughout the Cape Cod region. Members can connect, collaborate, share resources, and work together to identify areas of emerging interest. Pond Network meetings will provide a venue for discussion of pond topics of regional relevance. 

Feedback gathered through the Pond Network meetings will be used to inform the stakeholder engagement process of the Freshwater Initiative, a science-based, information-driven planning process to enable action to protect and restore Cape Cod’s freshwater resources. The group will also help advance the development of strategies and solutions to improve pond health that are identified through the Initiative. 

The Cape Cod Ponds Network will convene regularly to discuss issues including local and regional pond water quality, resources for pond-related outreach, economic impacts of changing pond conditions, and lessons learned. Guest speakers will be welcomed to share information and expertise. Anyone interested or looking to get involved in ponds and pond health is welcome to attend.

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