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The Water Infrastructure Finance Commission, created by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2009, released a report in February 2012 that analyzes water infrastructure funding needs and identifies recommendations for financing these needs going forward. The findings and final recommendations of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission can be found in the full report: Massachusetts’s Water Infrastructure: Toward Financial Sustainability.



This section explores questions about the cost of technology options and potential opportunities for savings through coordinated planning and implementation. The following questions drove the development of this section:

  • What is the difference in cost between using a number of smaller treatment systems instead of larger centralized waste­water treatment plants?
  • Are there potential cost savings from regionalization?
  • What are the ramifications of additional growth on the cost of wastewater infrastructure?

A comparative cost analysis was developed, with a focus on information from the 2010 Barn­stable County Wastewater Cost Task Force study to answer the first question.

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Cost estimates were generated to answer the last two questions.

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Regardless of the approach taken, as solutions are developed and capital, operations, and maintenance costs become more evident, the region must be prepared with a plan for paying for the required infrastructure. The Cape Cod Commission is working with a consultant to determine the level of affordability for Cape Cod taxpayers, as well as new sources of revenue for filling the gap between cost and affordability. This section includes the most recent information generated as part of this analysis.

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