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Section 208 Plan Update

Cape Cod’s final Section 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Update was certified by Gov. Charlie Baker in June 2015 and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on September 15, 2015.

The Cape Cod Commission developed and drafted the 208 Plan Update. It is a watershed-based approach to restore embayment water quality on Cape Cod. The plan recommends strategies, regulatory reforms and a process for communities to reduce or eliminate excess nitrogen, the primary cause of degraded conditions.


Section 208 Plan Guidance Documents


Section 208 Plan Compliance Reports

Cape Cod 208 Plan Implementation: April 2019 Report to the US EPA


EPA Approval Letter with Mass DEP Letter of Submittal, 03/21/2018

EPA Approves Massachusetts Plan to Protect Cape Cod Waters, 09/17/15

EPA Cape Cod Water Quality Managament Plan Update Approval Letter, 09/15/15


June 24, 2015 All Cape Workshop, Waste Management Agencies (WMAs), Next Steps (Online Powerpoint, large file)

June 24, 2015 All Cape Workshop, Waste Management Agencies (WMAs), Next Steps (Download PDF, large file)



2017 DRAFT  208 Plan Implementation Report

208 Implementation Report



2018 Status Report:



Full Plan, June 15, 2015
Plan Summary

NOTE: The stakeholder support files formerly located at watersheds.capecodcommission.org can be found in the Appendices of the final report.

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