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    Technical Bulletins

    The Role of Technical Guidance in Regulatory Review 

    Separate from, but in support of this RPP, the Commission has developed Technical Guidance. The Technical Guidance contains Placetype Maps, Technical Bulletins and references to resource areas mapped by federal, state and local governments. There is a Technical Bulletin for each of the fourteen goals of the RPP. The primary application of the Technical Guidance is during DRI or other regional regulatory review, and its primary purpose is to assist the Commission in its determination of whether a project is consistent with applicable RPP goals and objectives, and alternatively, to detail how an applicant could design and pursue its project to meet the applicable RPP goals and objectives. 

    Effective 02/22/2019








    (Per Cape Cod Commission vote, 01/24/2019)


    • Technical Bulletin 92-002 - DRI Guidelines for Natural Resources Inventory
    • Technical Bulletin 94-001 - Guidelines for Calculation and Provision of Open Space in DRIs
    • Technical Bulletin 95-001 - DRI Guidance for Exterior Lighting Design
    • Technical Bulletin 96-003 - Guidelines for Transportation Impact Assessment,
    • Technical Bulletin 01-001 - DRI Guidelines for Invasive Plant Species Management Plan
    • Technical Bulletin 04-002 - DRI Economic Development Technical Bulletin
    • Technical Bulletin 09-001 - DRI Guidelines for Mitigation Credit and Reduction for Minimum Performance Standard AH3.2 
    • Technical Bulletin 09-002 - DRI Guidelines for Energy Compliance
    • Technical Bulletin 10-001 - Guidelines for Calculation of Mitigation for DRIs in "Other" Category for Minimum Performance Standard AH3.1

    Regional Policy Plan:

    Effective February 22, 2019


    Staff Contacts

    If you have questions about the applicability of the RPP to your project, contact the Cape Cod Commission's regulatory, planning, or legal staff at 508-362-3828:

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