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    2017 DLTA Projects


    Total Amount of DLTA Funds Committed: $186,965, plus in-kind and cash from the Cape Cod Commission

    Local Projects: 7



    • Second Homeowner Survey

    DLTA funds were committed to this project that promotes the goals of Regionalization, Advanced Financing, Planning Ahead for Growth and Housing, and Capital Planning for water quality infrastructure. Commission staff worked with the UMass Donahue Institute to design and conduct a second homeowner survey to inform regional infrastructure needs. Commission staff met with state officials regarding proposed methods to raise revenue for water infrastructure needs across the region. The Commission also worked with a consultant to identify potential revenue sources for water quality infrastructure improvements and to conduct a financial analysis including cost sharing measures and impacts on municipal and household economics.

    Amount awarded: $55,000 (includes a $10,000 match)


    • On behalf of the region – Stormwater Management – MS4 Permit

    The Commission worked with the Barnstable County Department of Health and the Environment, the County Procurement Officer, and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod to identify opportunities for the 15 towns of Cape Cod to adopt Regionalization/Shared Services Best Practices to identify efficient and cost-effective means to meet the Massachusetts MS4 permit requirements.  Cape towns explored options for creating a regional stormwater coalition and looked at ways to share services, equipment and technical expertise.  The Commission’s GIS database, the County Health Department laboratory equipment and water quality testing capabilities, and Procurement Office assistance with joint purchasing were anticipated to save towns time and money in meeting federal and state permit obligations. Commission staff collected IMAs, MOUs, stormwater utilities and other legal documents from statewide regional stormwater groups for consideration by Cape towns. Staff also identified various methods for conducting subsurface investigations to identify ways to lower costs of geolocating stormwater infrastructure.

    Amount awarded: $24,965


    • Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel (ULI TAP)

    DLTA supported a ULI TAP to work with the town to conduct an economic development assessment for a portion of north Eastham, adjacent to Route 6, that is governed by a town-adopted zoning overlay district intended to promote economic and mixed-use development. The town wished to improve the zoning governing the overlay district to better promote private investment and to better coordinate development pressure resulting from construction of a new public water system. In addition, Commission staff assisted the town with its analysis of the overlay zoning (zoning analysis, visualizations of current zoning and potential zoning changes) to promote meaningful economic development.

    Amount awarded:  $17,500


    • Citizen Engagement for Wastewater Infrastructure

    The Commission assigned special projects, communications, and technology and web development staff to work with the Town of Sandwich on the Community Compact goal of Information Technology Best Practices, Citizen Engagement, with a focus on improving citizen engagement for wastewater infrastructure projects.  The project examined current practices and identified opportunities for improvement through the deployment of technology solutions, including a public communication strategy and a professional development strategy to ensure that internal resources can effectively engage with users via technology.

    Amount awarded:  $34,500


    • Master Plan

    DLTA funds were provided to the town to hire a consultant to engage Truro citizens to identify their priorities for this master planning effort.  An extensive public engagement effort informed the select board, town staff, and volunteer boards as they conduct the town’s business and will form the basis of the towns local comprehensive plan update.

    Amount awarded:  $20,000



    • Affordable Housing

    DLTA funds were committed to the goal of Planning Ahead for Housing. The Commission assigned planning, housing, and GIS staff to assist the town in its efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing.  Building on work conducted under a prior DLTA grant, Commission staff worked with the Wellfleet Assistant Town Administrator and Planning Board to recommend bylaw changes that will promote more efficient subdivision design and provide incentives to create lots to support affordable housing development. A revised Affordable Flexible Residential Development bylaw was also drafted.

    Amount awarded: $20,000


    • Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel (ULI TAP)

    DLTA funds supported a ULI TAP to work with the town to conduct an economic development assessment for a portion of Route 28 in Yarmouth that is part of a Commission-approved Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ). The GIZ, which eliminates Commission regulatory review for certain housing projects, required renewal and the town sought input on potential changes to the GIZ structure to better promote private investment in the area.  In addition, Commission staff identified options for creating a redevelopment authority, or a similar entity, to facilitate meaningful economic development.

    Amount awarded:  $25,000


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