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Strategic Information Office (SIO)

Strategic Information Office (SIO)Recognizing that diminishing local resources required pursuit of efficiencies offered through technology and shared solutions, in 2012 the Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners directed the Cape Cod Commission to create the Strategic Information Office.

It is part of a broader strategy by County agencies to develop technology infrastructure projects on behalf of the 15 towns.

The SIO Governance Committee has members from each municipality, typically the town managers/administrator, and advises on application needs of the towns. The Governance Committee approved e-permitting, RWAN connectivity, the regional GIS flyover, planimetrics and performance management as SIO projects.





Municipal Services

The Barnstable County Information Technology department, Commission and SIO Governance Committee are collaborating in three pilot towns to merge phone and data networks to provide telephone services, integrated voicemail and email, video conferencing, instant messaging and mobility. The collaborative efforts will modernize outdated equipment and participating towns will see reduced telecommunication costs.

Performance Management

Performance management will allow a Town’s performance to be measured locally and nationally. Current and historical data in dashboards will be available to town officials to support predictive analysis. Six pilot towns are under contract to utilize this service.


By leveraging $500,000 in state grant funds, over $150,000 in DLTA funds, and Cape Cod Commission in-kind staff time, the County helped initiate ePermitting in four towns while significantly reducing financial barriers for future implementations of efficient permitting programs.

  • LEVERAGED FUNDS: $670,000

Regional Aerial Mapping for GIS

Leveraging 2014 flyover data to create a regional database of digital map layers for creating 3D modeling. Layers include: building heights, utility poles, trees, curb cuts, bridges, roadways, etc. 

  • COUNTY COST: $598,000.
  • TOWN SAVINGS: $640,000 - $1.1M

Regional Wide Area Network (RWAN)

Offering high-speed internet access through OpenCape to 24 connection points including: towns, schools and institutions.

  • COUNTY COST: $200,000 annually. (Extended to December 2017)


Provided consistent town-to-town mapping data for the entire Cape with significant savings for the towns.

  • COUNTY COST: $200,000.
  • TOWN SAVINGS: $650,000 - $1M


Kristy Senatori, Executive Director



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