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With funds from a 2012 Massachusetts Community Innovation Challenge Grant, the regional Strategic Information Office (SIO), managed by the Cape Cod Commission, began work in Fiscal Year 2013 on an ePermit­ting, Licensing, and Inspection System.

When fully implemented, the online system will allow Cape Cod municipalities to issue and monitor permits, licenses, and inspections, with a web-based portal for citizens and contractors. The system will implement a common technology infrastructure and software to be adopted regionally but tailored to each town. One goal is to eliminate redundant individual purchases and save public municipal funds.


Status of ePermitting - Map (July 2013)The Cape Cod Com­mission hired an applications implementation manager in Fiscal Year 2013 to work with com­munities and the vendor (Accela) on installations. The SIO staff started with the towns of Chatham, Yarmouth, and Nantucket, beginning with the inspection services and build­ing/health permitting components of the system. Click to enlarge map at right »»

By leveraging state funds from the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program, the SIO is working to add ePermitting capabilities in the towns of Harwich and Provincetown in Fiscal Year 2014.


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  • Chatham           Coming soon.
  • Harwich            Coming soon.
  • Provincetown   Coming soon.
  • Yarmouth          Coming soon.
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Video demonstrating the ePermitting Inspections and Enforcement System

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