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Regional economic strategy…in action

The Regional Economic Strategy Executive Team (RESET) process is part of the implementation strategy for the Cape Cod Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). RESET is a partnership between the Cape Cod Commission and the Cape Cod Economic Development Council; these partners established RESET to provide targeted, town-specific technical assistance. 

The RESET process is designed to achieve creative and robust solutions by mixing the ideas of a multidisciplinary team with wide expertise. Different perspectives are respected and desired. Commission staff members with policy, planning, regulatory, and technical expertise each bring their unique perspectives and information to the table to provide specific, tangible deliverables — site plans, research reports, land use planning, recommended changes to bylaws, and more — that are tailored to the needs of a specific town client. RESET involves town staff and elected officials (or other client groups) directly and collaboratively in the planning and work environment.


RESET Projects:

  • Davis Straits, Falmouth  - The Town of Falmouth has requested assistance from the Cape Cod Commission to conduct a planning analysis in the general vicinity of the Davis Straits/Route 28 corridor between Scranton Avenue and Jones Road.  This section of Route 28 is unique because it retains both an area of residential scale buildings and also commercial plazas that have significant redevelopment potential.  The area has experienced an increase in redevelopment interest in recent years and it is believed to be ripe for change.  Currently, zoning regulations do not treat this area differently from other large commercial areas in Falmouth.  The town would like to differentiate this segment of Route 28 from others in order to give it a unique identity and to improve community vitality and economic development outside of the downtown area. Visit the project page,

  • Mashpee Redevelopment Potential (2016) - The Town of Mashpee requested technical assistance from the Cape Cod Commission’s RESET team  to complete a variety of research tasks aimed at improving the Town’s understanding of the economic opportunities for the Town’s residents and businesses. The overall goal of the project was to provide the Town with an overview of current conditions in Mashpee and to offer suggestions about how the Town may achieve some of its economic development goals. 

Final Report, June 2016

  • Olympic Village Concept Study (2015) - The Town of Falmouth requested assistance from the Cape Cod Commission to help facilitate ongoing discussions about the future use of a 31-acre piece of property located on Route 151 (Nathan Ellis Highway) in North Falmouth, and to help the town develop land use alternatives. The project is sponsored by the Falmouth Board of Selectmen, who are seeking guidance on the economic development opportunities at the site and the viability of alternate land use proposals.

    The viability of the future use of the 31-acre site is related to the long-term vision for the surrounding area and its relationship to surrounding uses both now and in the future. The town has a key interest in the future development of this site, retaining a right-of-first-refusal for any future disposition of this property. With this in mind, the project will focus on establishing community consensus for options for the 31-acre site and explore community objectives in the wider context of the North Falmouth area.

    Concept Study Scope of Work (5/27/15) and Presentation (7/29/15)

    Olympic Village (Falmouth, 2015) RESET project graphicSample graphics (click on them to download a larger version):



Olympic Village (Falmouth, 2015) RESET project graphic

The Town of Orleans Planning Board requested assistance from the Cape Cod Commission to complete an initial land use and streetscape evaluation of the Route 6A corridor relative to the land use and economic development goals of the Orleans Local Comprehensive Plan and to recommend steps to better align town policies and actions with these goals. Commission staff completed a number of site visits, evaluated current zoning, and surveyed and met with business owners operating within the study area. Staff also facilitated two workshops with the planning board. The first workshop focused on confirming their vision for the corridor. The second workshop discussed opportunities for improvement identified by Commission staff. Recommendations developed as a result of this planning effort are preliminary. Cover: Orleans RESET Final REPORTImplementation will require extensive public outreach and consultation and in some cases further technical analysis.

Town of Orleans Initial Land Use and Streetscape Evaluation of the Route 6A Corridor - Final Report (October 2015)

Town of Orleans Parking & Circulation Study Final Report, January 2018

  • The Town of Sandwich requested Cape Cod Commission assistance to evaluate development/redevelopment options within a study area that includes the industrial park, the South Sandwich Village area, the town-owned properties in South Sandwich, and the YMCA property. Commission staff developed a scope of work for the RESET project, which began in Fiscal Year 2014. The Commission completed baseline research and a market analysis to determine existing and future demand for retail and office space. Scenarios of possible future land use patterns were presented, the first based on current zoning. The study included a fiscal impact analysis for each scenario to better predict taxes, levels of services, and types of taxpayers affected. The study also included an impact analysis for transportation, water and natural resources, and the regional economy, and a regulatory analysis.

  • Evaluation of Development Options for South Sandwich Village Center and Surrounding Areas - Final Report (2014)

  • The Town of Barnstable requested Cape Cod Commission assistance with coordinating a RESET project for the Iyannough Road (Route 132) Regional Retail Center Redevelopment Incentive Project. The project included analysis of four commercial/retail areas on the regional corridor: the Cape Cod Mall, the Capetown Plaza, the Festival Plaza, and the Southwind Plaza). The project was intended to lead to a short-term redevelopment strategy and a long-term concept plan, as well as  proposed new zoning to expedite permitting in the area. The goal is to stimulate the redevelopment of the four major retail centers and to increase economic opportunity and the town’s non-residential tax base.

    Iyannough Road Regional Commercial Center Redevelopment Strategy - Final Report (2014)
  • The first RESET engagement was with the Town of Yarmouth. The Commission's Planning & Community Development staff helped the Yarmouth Planning Board develop options to further the town's desire to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment along a key stretch of Route 28. The RESET effort resulted in redevelopment recommendations for the area that included detailed concept plans, sketches, and design guidelines and visualizations to aid in understanding the redevelopment opportunities. The products are helping the town focus its redevelopment efforts around town-owned property in the area. 

Sample visualizations from Yarmouth RESET project:

RESET - Yarmouth project images


  • Bourne ww study report coverThe second RESET engagement was with the Town of Bourne. Working with the Bourne Wastewater Advisory Committee, RESET members helped to assess water supply and demand and potential water supply sites and prepared a build-out analysis for downtown Buzzards Bay and the Bourne Development Campus north of the Cape Cod Canal.

    Wastewater Management Planning for Bourne's Downtown - Final Report (2012)

    The team also worked with the town's administrator and planner to finalize a Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ) application for downtown Buzzards Bay, which the Cape Cod Commission and Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates approved this spring. RESET also helped the town complete a "slum and blight" inventory for Main Street/Buzzards Bay to qualify for potential Community Development Block Grant funding. With the help of the Barnstable County Resource Development Office, the RESET group helped the town file a $1.4-million grant application through the state's MassWorks grant program to cover the finalization of streetscape improvements for Main Street/Buzzards Bay.

    On the transportation front, RESET is continuing to help Bourne advance improvements through the Transportation Improvement Program.


  • Spring Bars Road Final ReportThe Town of Falmouth requested Cape Cod Commission assistance to conduct a planning analysis of its Spring Bars Road property and the surrounding neighborhood. The work included assessing the infrastructure needs and financial viability of a 30-unit affordable housing project proposed on the property, together with an analysis of broader land use issues and opportunities in the adjacent study area. Commission staff completed the final report in October 2013 and presented it to town boards in December 2013.

    Spring Bars Road Assessment - Final Report (2013)


RESET Partner: Cape Cod Economic Development Council

Coordinating Cape Cod Commission Departments: Economic Development, Planning, Community Design, GIS, Water Resources, Transportation

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