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2016-2017: Route 28, Cotuit Corridor Study

Route 28 in Barnstable is a major regional east-west transportation corridor on Cape Cod. The section of Route 28 from Santuit-Newtown to Route 130 has been identified as a priority for investigation. The study area is approximately 0.35 miles.

Project Area Map

The section of Route 28 from Santuit- Newtown to Route 130 has been identified as a priority for investigation. This section of road is often congested, particularly in the summer months. The corridor includes three busy intersections on Route 28 including at Santuit-Newtown Road, Main Street and Route 130 that are often functionally deficient. Several retail businesses and restaurants also contribute to traffic congestion. Along this corridor, congestion is a barrier to reliable inter-regional access between the towns of Falmouth and Mashpee to Barnstable, Sandwich and other towns on the eastern portions of Cape Cod.  Residents and visitors traveling this corridor may be connecting to various destinations including Hyannis, Mashpee Commons, Main Street Cotuit, or the limited access highway, Route 6.

There are safety concerns in addition to congestion issues. The intersection of Route 28 and Santuit Newton Road is an unsignalized four-way intersection with challenging geometry. The intersection of Route 28 and Route 130 is a signalized intersection with challenging grades. Both intersections have been identified to facilitate a high percentage of injury crashes. Additionally, the intersection of Main Street and Route 28 is of concern as it is difficult for cars to make a left onto and off of Main Street, which can result in traffic congestion or unsafe maneuvers.

Also of key concern is accommodation for all road users including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users. This is a heavily used corridor for non-motorized users looking to access their jobs and retail destinations from their neighborhoods.

Despite there being significant concerns with this corridor there has been limited study to identify solutions. Any potential improvements along this corridor must be balanced with impacts on the environment and neighboring properties.

The Cape Cod Commission, under the 2015-2016 Unified Planning Work Program, will conduct a transportation planning study for the study area with the following study goal:

  • Develop alternatives that will provide safe and convenient access within the study area for all users of the roadway system including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.


Public participation goals

The goals of the public participation plan are as follows:

·       Gather input from community stakeholders and the public to establish a vision for the corridor

·       Solicit feedback of potential alternatives

Listening Session

(Held June 22, 2016 – see meeting presentation and summary)

The first step of this project is to meet with local stakeholders including local residents, local business owners, and other interested parties. With input from Town Staff, a concerted effort will be made to incorporate a representation of the adjacent Title VI protected populations. The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • review and prioritize project goals
  • identify opportunity areas and constraints
  • discuss potential improvements for the corridor

Commission staff will prepare a summary of comments received at this session.

Public Review of Concepts

(Held, Nov. 2 – see meeting presentation and summary)

The Commission staff presented conceptual design plans for review by the public. Commission staff will incorporate feedback from the public into refined alternatives. These refined alternatives will be included in the draft report presented to Town staff.

Project Email List

A project email list will be developed with assistance from the Growth Management Department and maintained by the CCC, populated by those who sign up for project updates via the project web site and when signing in at the public workshops.  This list will be used to provide periodic updates and to notify people when new materials or FAQ updates are posted on the website.


The website is intended to be the primary mechanism for distributing project-related information, receiving input and providing a forum for comment from the public. The CCC will establish a dedicated website for the project that will act as a portal for project related information. This website may be linked to the Town of Barnstable website, informing visitors of the existence of this project and providing basic information about the roadway project.  



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Project Timeline and Schedule


CCC Project Managers:

Steven Tupper
Transportation Planner

Chloe Schaefer
Community Design Planner


Town Project Manager

Jo Anne Miller Buntich, Director,
Growth Management Department

Town Project DPW Contact
Roger Parsons
Town Engineer


Project Files


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