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    Steering Committee


    The Steering Committee for the OCBPMP includes the following:  two members (a designated town official and a bicycle committee designee) from each of the three towns, two Cape Cod Commission staff members, and two Cape Cod National Seashore staff members.

    The town representatives’ role is to serve as town contacts/project liaisons and to represent town bicycle and pedestrian matters in the plan’s development.

    CCC and NPS staff serve as staff to the Steering Committee. They are responsible for addressing interests and tasks as identified in the project’s Scope of Work and guiding the committee in its participation and review of project related information.

    The Steering Committee will provide guidance to the project consultants on alternatives development of bicycle/pedestrian routes and facilities and on how to garner diverse public input.

    OCBPMP Steering Committee Agendas

    OCBPMP Steering Committee Meeting Notes

    Outer Cape Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Steering Committee
    (as of January 2016)

    Town representatives:

         Town staff: Eric Larsen
         Bicycle Committee: Roger

         Town staff: Jason Norton
         Bicycle committee: Karen

         Town staff: Suzanne Thomas
         Bicycle Committee: [vacant]

    Cape Cod National Seashore staff:
         Lauren McKean
         Karst Hoogeboom

    Cape Cod Commission staff:
         Sarah Korjeff
         Martha Hevenor


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