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BART - Barnstable Area Regional Trends

Barnstable Area Regional Trends (BART) is published quarterly by the Cape Cod Commission to identify and examine important economic trends in the region.



Forest Cover and Development on Cape Cod

Even as they stay put, trees are at work.

For homeowners, they represent added property value. Multiple studies across the country recognize that the number, configuration and type of trees affect the value of developed land, including homes. Less recognized are the environmental services trees provide, whether in untouched forests or well-manicured landscapes.

Previous Editions 

The Cape's Seasonal Home Economy, Part 1

There’s often an overlap between strong resort and strong second-home communities, but they aren’t the same thing.

What does it mean to be a second home community? Part 2

Of the nation’s 3,143 counties, just six have populations greater than 200,000 and 20% or greater share of seasonal units.

When we start connecting some data points, we find the off-season is actually warming up with increasing economic activity. 

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