RPP Stakeholder Process

Who are Stakeholders?

The Cape Cod Commission asked for individuals across Cape Cod  to participate in stakeholder working groups to help guide the development of the Regional Policy Plan update.

Along with interested citizens, efforts were made to find representatives with the following backgrounds in each of the three regional working groups:

  • Elected or Appointed Official
  • Municipal Employee
  • Real Estate Community
  • Environmental/Land Trust/Conservation
  • Chamber of Commerce/Business Interest
  • Engineer/Architect/Surveyor/Consultant
  • Attorney/Legal
  • Development Community
  • Special Interest
  • Interested Citizen


What will they do?

The stakeholder process includes a series of 6 regional working group meetings.

Working group meetings will include discussion of the individuals, infrastructure, and industry associated with past and present planning and focus on a vision for the future of Cape Cod.


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