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Regional Policy Plan Update


The Commission’s three controlling authorities are the Cape Cod Commission Act, the Commission’s Enabling Regulations Governing Review of Developments of Regional Impact, and the Regional Policy Plan.

The Cape Cod Commission Act requires development a Regional Policy Plan (RPP) that outlines a coherent set of planning policies and objectives to guide development on Cape Cod and to protect its resources.

The Act requires the RPP be reviewed and amended at regular intervals. The RPP was first adopted in 1991 and amended in 1996, 2002 and 2009.

RPP Draft Vision

Use scenario planning to examine the impacts of growth on various indicators and develop consensus on regional land use vision for the County.  Transition to a more impact based review, redefine Local Comprehensive Plans and promote consistency with the Regional Plan in order to provide a path for regulatory flexibility.

Update Goals

The last update in 2009 represented the first substantial reorganization of the guidance document, separating the regulatory and planning sections.

For this update, the Commission will build on those earlier reforms. Among the goals for this RPP update are to:

  • Develop a land use strategy for the region
  • Facilitate the local comprehensive planning process
  • Provide regulatory incentives for neighboring towns to plan together
  • Simplify the regulatory process, and
  • Create a framework for regional capital planning.


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