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2015-2016: Provincetown Parking and Circulation Study



The project team has concluded the Provincetown Parking and Circulation Study. The report and appendix are available in the "Project file" section of this page.

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The amount of commercial and recreational activity in the relatively small area of Provincetown is unique on Cape Cod. This density, along with the proximate connections to air, ferry, and bus transportation, provides a favorable environment for non-motorized transportation. However, automobile travel, including truck deliveries, to and around Provincetown is still critical for the economic vitality of the area. The narrow streets and limited parking currently provide significant challenges to motorists and bicyclist.

Goal & Objectives

The goal of this project is to provide guidance to the town on improvements to parking and circulation for both motorist and bicyclist that will improve the safety and efficiency of moving people and goods throughout Provincetown.

The objectives of the project are to provide:

1.    A professional analysis of current parking stock and utilization for both motorist and bicyclist and overall circulation in Provincetown, and

2.   A set of recommendations for parking improvements and policy as well as potential roadway infrastructure improvements to assist the Town in realizing the full potential for the area.




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