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District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)


For the past several years, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has allocated funds to each of the state's 14 regional planning agencies, the Cape Cod Commission among them, to help municipalities with sustainable development and to encourage municipalities to form partnerships to achieve planning and development goals consistent with state and regional priorities.

The process established by the state for the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) Program is shown below. Descriptions and awards allocated in past years from the state funds for Cape Cod are linked in the right-hand sidebar.


DLTA flow chart

Summaries of DLTA Projects, by Year:

2012 - The state required regional planning agencies to direct all of the 2012 DLTA allocation to projects that promoted regionalization, regional planning, and the provision of regional services. This was a change from the past when a 70/30 split in fund allocation allowed the Commission to provide grants for single-town projects.






The Cape Cod DLTA Program is administered by:

Patty Daley
Deputy Director

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