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    Affordable Housing


    Affordable Housing on Cape Cod:
    Why Are We More Like Aspen, Key West, or the Tetons, than Amesbury, Kingston, or Templeton?

    (slide presentation given October 24, 2014)

    Cape Cod Commission Affordable Housing Efforts
    (as reported to the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates, March 2014)


    Study ties housing 'monoculture' to increase in cost-burdened households
    A new study prepared for the Cape Cod Commission ties a lack of housing that meets the...


    Heather Harper
    Community Design/ Affordable Housing Specialist

    HOME Program

    The Cape Cod HOME Consortium is now administered by Barnstable County Human Services and is availaiable at the following link:

    The documents pertaining to the HOME consortium on the Cape Cod Commission website should be considered archival. Please refer to the Barnstable County Human Services website for current information.

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