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    2014 DLTA Projects


    Total Amount of DLTA Funds Committed: $186,965, plus in-kind and cash from the Cape Cod Commission

    Local Projects: 6


    • Support implementation of housing production plan, $10,000

      The Town of Chatham worked with a consultant to improve its Affordable Housing Trust Fund and recommend improvements to its Accessory Apartment Bylaw to foster the creation of affordable housing.


    • Support the identification of growth opportunities for affordable housing and support services, $12,000

      The Town of Brewster worked with The Community Development Partnership on an analysis of specific impediments to small-scale affordable year-round rental housing.


    • Support the Town’s efforts to develop growth scenario options in the village of East Harwich, $34,965 

      Provided technical assistance related to land use visualization and transportation impacts to support potential local and regional regulatory changes. Commission staff collected data for its traffic impact analysis of the town’s proposed development scenario. Staff also worked with the Town Planner to develop illustrative graphics to assist the East Harwich subcommittee in developing zoning standards.


    • Support development and redevelopment of South Sandwich Village Center, $89,390 

      Worked with the town to maximize its economic development potential, primarily concentrating in the Sandwich Industrial Park and South Sandwich Village Center areas. The project also included the development of a land use scenario planning  tool to spatially depict current land use and development patterns and to create scenarios and evaluate impacts from alternate land use patterns across a wide range of metrics such as trips generated, water and energy use, wastewater generated, fiscal impacts, etc. The Commission worked with a consultant to develop this tool that will also benefit other towns in the region.  The Town is currently moving forward with a selected developer for the Town-owned South Sandwich Village Center parcel but will continue to work with Commission staff on alternate future development scenarios.


    • Implement Regional Permit, License, and Inspection Program, $50,000

      The Town of Provincetown used DLTA funds to implement the regional ePermitting solution, working with Accela, the vendor, ZedIT, its local partner, and Commission staff. Utilization of the ePermitting program creates efficiencies in the local permitting process and provides 24/7 access for residents and contractors conducting business with the Town. 


    • Program planning, management, reporting, $13,460 Cape Cod Commission in-kind

      No DLTA funds are allocated in this contract to manage and implement this program.  All services are in-kind. 
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