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    "Designing the Future to Honor the Past" provides  guidance for complying with the Commission's community character performance standards. This award winning design manual includes comprehensive information on site planning, landscape design, lighting and architecture.   "Contextual Design on Cape Cod" is an addendum to "Designing the Future to Honor the Past" focusing on design strategies for larger structures. These award winning guidelines provide a wide range of strategies for incorporating larger structures into the surrounding context.
    The "Complete Streets/Living Streets" manual illustrates ways to accommodate the needs of bikes, pedestrians and other roadway uses to make streets safer, more sustainable and accessible.   Developed as part of the Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan, the Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) methodology describes the process for completing a visual impact assessment and evaluating the appropriate scale and visual impact of wind turbines proposed in the ocean environment.


    This list includes upland and wetland plants that are suitable for low impact design on the Cape.   This list includes the current list of plants that are suitable for the cultivated Cape Cod environment.
    This sample maintenance contract/plan lays out the specifications to ensure site landscaping can become established. The contract is used for projects reviewed as Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs).   Green Infrastructure (GI) uses vegetation, soils and natural processes to manage water and create healthier urban environments. This page includes past and current projects the Commission is working on to promote adoption of GI practices on Cape Cod.
















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