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    "Pavement management" is the practice of planning for pavement repairs and maintenance to maximize the value and life of a pavement network.
    Road pothole being repairedSimply stated, road conditions improved early can extend the life of a road. A street’s pavement starts out in excellent condition when newly constructed, then deteriorates over time. Midway through its life, a low-cost repair such as crack seal and full-depth patch will cost about $1 a square yard. Left unaddressed, however, in only a few years the road will deteriorate further and need an overlay, which can cost between $13 and $17 a square yard.
    With a comprehensive database of road conditions, pavement-management software can model when to perform which repairs on a road network. The computer system helps communities start their repair programs each year and tracks data about past repairs. The Cape Cod Commission's transportation staff members use such software to perform this work as an essential task required by the Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) through its Unified Planning Work Program.
    The Commission issues a status report on pavement condition on Cape Cod each year. The collected data are modeled and analyzed to provide an objective rating of pavement conditions and needs. The annual assessments contribute to the implementation of a regional pavement management system for Cape Cod that keeps the roadway system in the best possible condition with the most efficient use of available funds.

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