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Technical Bulletins


Technical bulletins are policy guidance documents that explain in greater detail how some of the technical standards of the Regional Policy Plan can be met. The technical bulletins are not regulations but they provide guidance for preparing technical studies needed to demonstrate compliance with the "minimum performance standards" of the plan. Printed copies of the technical bulletins are available from the Cape Cod Commission. Many are available as PDF-formatted files below.


Adopted Technical Bulletins:

Additional Guides:

Additional documents and diagrams are available to help describe the regulatory work and processes of the Cape Cod Commission.

Typical Process for the Review of a DRI - flow chart

Joint MEPA/CCC Review: Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - flow chart

Cape Cod Commission Act and National Register Properties - a brief explanation of how the Cape Cod Commission Act affects properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Cape Cod Commission Subcommittee Procedures (January 2013)

Acceptable Forms of Security - Policy (May 20, 1999)

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