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Cape Cod Commission regulations enable the agency to fulfill its duties under the Cape Cod Commission Act, the state legislation that created the regional agency in 1990. Most of the regulations and proposed revisions to them are ordinances adopted by the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates, the regional legislative body.


Current Regulations:

  • CHAPTER A: Enabling Regulations Governing Review of Developments of Regional Impact 
    (Revised April 19, 2018; Fee Schedule Revised Effective July 1, 2018)
    Describes the different types of Cape Cod Commission jurisdiction, Development of Regional Impact (DRI) thresholds, and the process and procedure for Commission review of projects (such as DRIs, change-of-use and limited DRI determinations, Chapter H-related proposals, discretionary referrals, DRI exemptions, hardship exemptions, including hardship exemptions for Projects of Community Benefit, and jurisdictional determinations). The Enabling Regulations also reference the process for appeals, modifications, and procedural denials, and include the Commission's fee schedule.




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