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Planning & Community Development

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The Planning department provides a wide array of planning services and technical assistance to Cape communities and the region. With expertise in land use planning, natural resources, historic preservation, affordable housing, and other areas, the planning staff works to improve the function and character of communities while managing growth and protecting the Cape's sensitive environment.  The Planning department plays a major role in the 5-year updates to the Regional Policy Plan (RPP), Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan, Local Comprehensive Plan assistance, establishing Districts of Critical Planning Concern and Growth Incentive Zones, regional and corridor-wide transportation/planning studies, and resource protection efforts. Planning staff works collaboratively with Community Design and Economic Development staff on RESET projects.


Study ties housing 'monoculture' to increase in cost-burdened households
A new study prepared for the Cape Cod Commission ties a lack of housing that meets the region’s life stage and income...
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