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    Cape Cod faces significant planning challenges, but solutions to those challenges can create economic opportunities. Some 'choke points' in the region's physical infrastructure (for example, telecommunications capacity, electric power, and wastewater treatment) could limit options for economic development. Investment in solutions can, however, create new jobs, drive economic diversification, and enable efficiencies in government.

    The Cape Cod Commission is collaborating with many regional data developers and partners to help deploy sophisticated technology to support more efficient management of the region's physical infrastructure, the protection of natural resources, and enhanced opportunities for economic growth.

    Smart Cape Cod graphicSmarter Cape initiative is helping the region execute its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, which promotes the use of technology solutions for renewable energy, environmental science, and marine/coastal industries, among other regional priorities. The CEDS highlights the need to address choke points in physical infrastructure — such as insufficient telecommunications capacity, variable electric power, and insufficient or ineffective wastewater management — that limit options for economic development. Smart systems utilize real-time information, connectivity, and advanced analytics for addressing the Cape's infrastructure.

    Smarter Cape is focusing on several region-wide effort, among them is the development of a "Regional Umbrella Services System" using the OpenCape broadband network to provide better access to data, information, and technology to help the communities, businesses, and entrepreneurs operate more efficiently and sustainably.




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