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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)


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Economic Development
Strategy (CEDS) for Cape Cod


The final version of the five-year CEDS was approved by the Cape Cod Economic Development Council and the Cape Cod Commission by June 30, 2014, and was submitted to the US Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration for review and certification. The detailed report includes:
  • Planning Process for the region
  • Vision - an expression of the region's economic aspirations
  • Context - an analysis of the regional economy using available data and research
  • Action Plan - an account of the region's priorities over the next five years
  • Implementation and Performance Measures - an outline of the plan's implementation and a method for measuring progress on specific priority projects and towards meeting the CEDS goals overall


Symbol for a documentInterim Annual Reports


2016 CEDS Report

2015 CEDS Report

During the interim years, the CEDS planning team prepares annual reports to track progress and document changes in regional conditions and the plan itself. Annual reports include:
  • Adjustment to the CEDS - a description of any changes in the planning process, structure, or strategy 
  • Activities Evaluation - a description of the year's activities, including quantitative and qualitative measures of success, and an evaluation of the outcome of each activity
  • Goals Evaluation - an analysis of overall progress using quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Implementation Schedule - a timeline identifying and implementing priority activities for the coming year


For more information, visit the Economic Development department page.


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