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Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan (CCOMP)

The state developed the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan (OMP) in 2009. The OMP describes the uses and activities allowed within the state's jurisdictional waters and establishes performance standards for siting and permitting them through the state's processes. 

The Cape Cod Commission developed the Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan (CCOMP) in 2011. The CCOMP provides the regional definition of "appropriate  scale" for proposed renewable energy projects and guidance on areas suitable and unsuitable for the installation of cables and pipelines and the mining of sand and gravel within the state waters surrounding Cape Cod. The CCOMP offers technical support for minimum performance standards applied as part of the Commission's Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review process.



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Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan (Final; October 13, 2011)


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See also the Regional Policy Plan for planning and regulatory uses, including minimum performance standards and definitions related to the Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan.

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