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Regional Policy Plan (RPP)

The Cape Cod Commission Act requires the preparation of a Regional Policy Plan (RPP) that presents "a coherent set of regional planning policies and objectives to guide development throughout said Barnstable County and to protect the region's resources." The plan, which is updated at least once every five years, must 

identify critical resources and management needs

state a growth policy for the region

present regional goals, and

present a policy for coordinating regional and local planning efforts


Regional Policy Plan Ordinance, effective 02/22/2019

Approved Assembly of Delegates, 01/16/2019
Approved Board of Regional Commissioners, 01/23/2019

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ICON: Symbol for a documentCurrent Regional Policy Plan:

The latest Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan, which became effective on August 17, 2012, is offered in three formats:

icon for formatted Regional Policy PlanRegional Policy Plan

Print Resolution (72MB file)

icon for formatted Regional Policy PlanRegional Policy Plan

Screen Resolution (11.6MB file)

text-only RPP Regional Policy Plan
Ordinance 12-07

Plain Text (1.7MB file)


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Current Regional Policy Plan Maps:

» GIS Web-based Mapping Application
(Effective January 2009, as amended)
»»» GIS Web-mapping Application for the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan

  • Significant Natural Resources - Data sets include wellhead protection areas, 350-ft. buffer of vernal pools, potential public water supply areas, priority and estimated habitat, DEP wetlands, and 300-ft. buffer from pond shore
  • Water Resources I - Data sets include public drinking supply wells, small volume wells, marine water recharge areas, wellhead protection areas, identified freshwater recharge, MMR plumes, developed areas, landfills,treatment plants and hazardous waste sites
  • Water Resources II - Data sets include marine water recharge areas, MEP watersheds, preliminary marine water recharge areas
  • Land Use Vision - Data set includes land use vision status

» Additional Regional Policy Plan Maps (Effective January 2009, as amended August 17, 2012)


Support Materials:


Staff Contacts

If you have questions about the applicability of the RPP and maps to your development, contact the Cape Cod Commission's regulatory, planning, or legal staff at 508-362-3828:


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