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    As the regional planning agency for Cape Cod and one of 14 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Cape Cod Commission's work involves: 

    • preparing comprehensive and targeted plans about land use, economic development, transportation, water and natural resources, and more
    • helping the municipal offices of the 15 towns that make up Cape Cod to pursue and implement their own planning and growth management activities
    • collecting, analyzing, and presenting complex data, maps, and visual aids
    • identifying and applying suitable growth management techniques across the region, including regulation of significant development proposals that have the potential to have regional impacts

    The Commission's planning work and technical assistance services to towns often blend together, reinforcing each other in a comprehensive approach to addressing regional and local challenges. The same can be said for the planning and regulatory work — each endeavor is reinforced and improved by the other. 

    The Commission's planning, technical services, and regulatory staff members routinely collaborate on projects and activities. Two primary examples of this interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach are:

    • the planning, regulatory, and technical support work required for the preparation and implementation of the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan (RPP). The RPP establishes broad goals and specific standards for future development and redevelopment on Cape Cod. Nearly all staff engage in the creation and updating of the RPP.
    • the planning, regulatory, and technical support work required when a District of Critical Planning Concern (DCPC) is nominated and designated. DCPCs allow a town or a group of towns to plan for and adopt special rules and regulations to protect natural, coastal, scientific, cultural, architectural, archaeological, historic, economic, or recreational resources or values of regional, statewide, or national significance. Again, this requires a multidisciplinary approach.

    The Departments section of the web site loosely reflects the internal organizational structure of the agency. Some variations are presented, however, to help users better find the type of information or material they seek.



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