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    East Harwich Village Center Handbook


    The Cape Cod Commission assisted the Town of Harwich and the East Harwich Village Center Collaborative in preparing the East Harwich Village Center (EHVC) Handbook to guide development in East Harwich in order to create a pedestrian-oriented mixed-use village center with a traditional main street. The plan for East Harwich Village also encompasses adjoining residential neighborhoods with a mix of unit types (including affordable housing) and viable commercial corridors along Routes 137 and Route 39. Residential development that would otherwise be scattered throughout the area surrounding the village center would be clustered in and adjacent to the village center while preserving large tracts of open space in the outlying areas.  The handbook includes, all in one place, the provisions and regulations intended to create a traditional walkable village surrounded by open space. The handbook was created in collaboration with Joel Russell, Land Use Attorney and Planning Consultant and at the direction of the EHVC Collaborative.


    For more information, contact Sarah Korjeff, Historic Preservation Specialist, 508-744-1215.


    East Harwich Village Center Handbook - full report





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