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    Yarmouth Route 28 Corridor Study


    Between November 2009 and September 2010, the Cape Cod Commission provided technical assistance to the Town of Yarmouth and worked collaboratively with both the Yarmouth Planning Board and the staff of the Community Development Department to develop options to further the town’s desire to encourage re-development and re-investment on Route 28.

    The Route 28 corridor is an automobile-oriented commercial area that is often congested with traffic and lacks amenities for pedestrians and cyclists. As a result of typical post-war suburban zoning, the linear commercial zone has a similar appearance for much of the corridor and lacks focal points, which means that there are few points of interest or reference points to orient people along the roadway. The town has expressed a desire to improve the quality and form of development along this corridor and to focus redevelopment in more discreet areas.

    The Final Report was delivered to the town in June 2011, and included:

    • Recmmendations (Section A)
    • Presentations made to the Planning Board (Sections B and C)
    • An analysis of uses for the former drive-in site (Section D)
    • Streetscape/corridor improvements (Section E)

    For more information,  508-362-3828.



    Section A


    Section B and C


    Section D and E











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