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Bike Route Planning with Google Mapping


BikeUsing Google mapping, the links below demonstrate potential on-road bicycle routes to connect major destinations on Cape Cod. (Some non- roadway alternatives such as the Cape Cod Canal multi- use path are not shown.)

  • The Northside route runs from the Cape Cod Canal area in Sandwich to the area including the Eastham Rotary and Rock Harbor at the Orleans/Eastham town line.
  • The Southside route runs fromthe Woods Hole in Falmouth to Chatham Light.

The goal of establishing these routes is to provide for the "best" bicycle travel within, among, and through the attractive areas of the Cape while avoiding narrow and busy roads such as Route 6A or Route 28.

These alternatives provide direct access to major roads and do not require cyclists to travel more than about 1.5 times the distance they would travel if they stayed on the major road.

Additionally, the alternate route provides a showcase for the scenic and historic qualities of the area.

Town planning officials and concerned citizens are invited to comment and provide suggestions on specific routing. A mid-term goal is to provide online maps and on-road signage to inform the public (both to help cyclists with wayfinding and to alert motorists of potential bicyclists). Longer term, the segments of the routes that pose the greatest difficulty in safely biking will be considered for improvements or for the development of other alternatives.


Google mapping iconNorthside Route with Google Maps:

"Route 6B"- Cape Cod Canal to Rock Harbor
Google mapping iconSouthside Route with Google Maps:

"Route 28B" - Woods Hole to Chatham Light
SANDWICH - Cape Cod Canal to West Meetinghouse Road/Barnstable town line (Cedar Street) - 7.7 miles FALMOUTH - Woods Hole (Shining Sea Bike Path) to Mashpee town line (Red Brook Road) - 13.0 miles
BARNSTABLE - Sandwich town line (West Meetinghouse Road)/Cedar Street to Keveney Lane/Yarmouth town line - 9.0 miles MASHPEE - Falmouth town line (Red Brook Road) to Quinaquisset Avenue/Barnstable town line (School Street) - 6.0 miles
YARMOUTH - Barnstable town line (Keveney Lane) to Setucket Road/Dennis town line - 5.5 miles BARNSTABLE - Mashpee town line (Quinaquisset Avenue)/School Street to Willow Avenue/Yarmouth town line - 14 miles
DENNIS - Yarmouth town line (Setucket Road) to Brewster town line - 2.6 miles YARMOUTH - Barnstable town line (Willow Avenue) to Dennis town line (Bass River Bridge) - 8.5 miles
BREWSTER* - Dennis town line (Setucket Road) to Orleans town line (Cape Cod Rail Trail) - 9.3 miles
*On-road portion meets Cape Cod Rail Trail at Route 137 for connect to Orleans
DENNIS - Yarmouth town line (Bass River Bridge) to Belmont Avenue/Harwich town line - 4.4 miles
ORLEANS* - Brewster town line (Cape Cod Rail Trail) to Rock Harbor (Rock Harbor Road) - 2.3 miles
*Cape Cod Rail Trail meets on-road portion at Main Street for connection from Brewster
HARWICH - Dennis town line (Belmont Avenue) to South Chatham Road/Chatham town line (Deep Hole Road) - 5.2 miles
  CHATHAM - Harwich town line (Deep Hole Road) to Chatham Light - 7.1 miles




How to edit Google bike route maps:

You can modify the route shown on the Google map by clicking your mouse on the purple line and dragging the route to other roadways.

When you're done modifying the route, go to the upper right of the Google map window and click on the word "Link":

Google mapping Link option

After clicking on Link, you'll be presented with a window that includes text for copying and pasting into email messages:

Google mapping Paste box

When you're finished copying and pasting, send the text to recipient's email address (for example, trans@capecodcommission.org).

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