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March 2014 Final Report:
Bourne Bridge Rotary Study

August 21, 2013 Presentation:
Preliminary Planning for Replacement of the Bourne Rotary

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Hyannis Access Study Implementation STUDY AREA



- Final Report (June 2013)
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Concept F - Hyannis Access Study Implementation

Planning and technical analyses to promote improvements to regional traffic rotaries...

The Cape Cod Commission is collaborating with local communities and regional, state, and federal governmental partners to prepare comprehensive studies that will identify ways to improve traffic safety and congestion in the areas of regional rotaries ("traffic circles"). Two ongoing, significant efforts are focusing on the Airport Rotary in Hyannis and the Bourne Rotary in the Cape Cod Canal area.


Bourne Rotary

Aerial View of the Bourne Rotary area

One of the most serious traffic congestion/safety problems on Cape Cod occurs at the Bourne Rotary. Traffic congestion at that rotary affects the quality of life for residents of Bourne, visitors to Cape Cod, and emergency response time throughout the Upper Cape (the area that includes the towns of Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth, and Mashpee). The congestion affects the residents of Bourne throughout the year.

That congestion also has an adverse effect on the economic development of the Town of Bourne. Traffic queues from the Bourne Rotary routinely back up through Belmont Circle and Scenic Highway (north of the Cape Cod Canal). This congestion deters residents and visitors from visiting downtown Bourne, for which town officials are seeking regional designation as a "Growth Incentive Zone." Rotary traffic congestion negatively affects not only the downtown area, but also businesses in the area of the rotary itself, along MacArthur Boulevard, and south into the Town of Falmouth.

The Bourne Rotary serves as one of two primary interchanges to Cape Cod communities on the south side of the Cape Cod Canal (the other being Interchange 1 south of the Sagamore Bridge). All traffic crossing the Bourne Bridge must pass through this facility. Recent traffic counts collected by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the Cape Cod Commission show the Bourne Rotary serving tens of thousands of motorists throughout the year, especially in the summer:

  • Bourne Bridge – 59,665 vehicles per day (July 2010)
  • Route 28 (MacArthur Boulevard) – 43,308 vehicles per day (July 2009)
  • Sandwich Road – 25,952 vehicles per day (July 2010)
  • Trowbridge Road – 8,444 vehicles per day (July 2010)

The Cape Cod Commission, under the 2013 Unified Planning Work Program, will conduct a transportation planning study for the study area with the following goal:

To develop alternatives that will provide safe and convenient access within the study area for all users of the roadway system including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

The primary study area consists of the Bourne Rotary and roadways leading thereto: Bourne Bridge, MacArthur Boulevard, Sandwich Road, and Trowbridge Road (see sidebar, above left). A secondary study area consists of the remainder of MacArthur Boulevard south to the Otis Rotary and will be examined in future phases of this effort.


Hyannis Access Study Implementation

Aerial view of the Airport Rotary area in Hyannis, MAHyannis, Massachusetts, is home to the Cape Cod Hospital, Barnstable Municipal Airport, Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority's Hyannis Transportation Center, and the Steamship Authority's ferry operations. In addition, it is the largest commercial hub of Cape Cod. Safe and convenient access into Hyannis is essential to accommodate existing services and development and to accommodate new commercial growth.

In 2008, the state's MassHighway department completed the "Hyannis Access Study," which highlighted significant vehicle congestion and safety problems for motorists trying to gain access to the downtown Hyannis area. The study focused on the Airport Rotary and the Route 28/Yarmouth Road intersection, and recommended further study of the Yarmouth Road/Willow Street corridor.

In 2010, the Cape Cod Commission, with the help of a task force of transportation professionals, business leaders, and municipal officials, completed the Yarmouth Road Corridor Study. The study concluded with a recommended concept plan for that corridor and its intersection with Route 28.

In 2011, the Commission, again with the help of a task force and representatives from the Town of Barnstable, began to review a previously prepared design of Route 28 from the Airport Rotary to the Barnstable/Yarmouth town line, taking into consideration large-scale development along sections of Route 132 (from the Cape Cod Mall traffic signal to the Airport Rotary). The Hyannis Access Implementation project resulted in the identification of a preferred long-term solution for this roadway (see sidebar at left).

The Cape Cod Commission is continuing to work with area planners and state and federal governmental agencies to advance the proposal through transportation planning/funding processes.

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Bourne Bridge Rotary Study - Final Report Available
A March 2014 final report on the Bourne Bridge Rotary Study is now available for download. ...


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