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    Natural Resources

    The rich diversity of the Cape’s natural habitats, from dune to wooded moraine, helps define Cape Cod as a special place for residents and visitors. The variety of habitats is also significant for the natural flora and fauna that rely on the Cape’s beaches, wetlands, sandplain grasslands, and woodlands as home base or seasonal stop-over. The Cape Cod Commission’s Natural Resources and Open Space program area focuses on the protection of sensitive plant and wildlife habitats, natural communities, and open space areas.

    Commission staff can provide technical assistance or reference in the protection of sensitive resources, including bylaw development, drafting of conservation restrictions, managing conservation lands, site design to protect sensitive resources, invasive species management, and open space plan development. Cape Cod Pathways is also supported by the Cape Cod Commission staff.

    CCC Staff Contact

    Heather McElroy
    Natural Resources Specialist

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