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    Community Design

    The Cape's character is defined in part by its villages, structures, and landscapes. To ensure that this character is retained and that development is shaped in a manner consistent with the region's unique patterns, the Cape Cod Commission Planning staff offers a variety of technical services and expertise in several community design-related disciplines.

    Using expertise in site design, architecture, historic preservation, and landscape architecture, the Commission offers a wide range of services to assist communities with creating and implementing their long-range planning goals, including:

    • design guidance
    • area studies and corridor plans
    • concept/land use plans
    • sustainable site and landscape design
    • visualizations and modeling
    • historic preservation

    To see examples of the Commission's design related work, explore the resources, current/past projects and visualization links at the top of this page.

    Staff Contacts:

    Community Design Planner
    Sarah Korjeff
    Planner/Historic Preservation Specialist
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