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    The Cape Cod Commission's virtual data center is a resource for all who are interested in better understanding the demographics and economy of Cape Cod.

    The most powerful data element is the Dynamic Profiles that allow users to see the latest data available about their locations and compare them side by side with any other state or county across the United States, as well as to the United States as a whole.

    A Find Statistics function allows a user to learn which data sets are available, where to get them, and how best to use them. It also links a user to other web-based data resources as well as to other resources on the STATScapecod web site.



    STATScapecod is collaboration

    between the Cape Cod Commission

    and STATSamerica, the designers

    of STATSindiana and the dynamic

    profiles provided through their

    generosity on STATScapecod. 



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