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    Cape Cod Commission planning staff members have expertise in a range of design-related disciplines including site design, architecture, and landscape architecture. The staff provides design assistance in a number of ways, including technical assistance in the design of buildings and sites that undergo regulatory review as Developments of Regional Impact; assistance to towns with the preparation of design standards, landscape/streetscape plans, wayfinding design, informational materials, and visualizations of conceptual development plans.

    The design staff is available to prepare hand-rendered and computer visualizations of proposed development, streetscapes, and potential zoning changes to help towns and community members better envision and understand design-related issues. These visualizations can range from simple sketches to photo-simulations and three-dimensional (3D) models. They can be used to illustrate the massing and scale of proposed developments, the effect of potential zoning changes on a specific area, and choices between alternate development scenarios.



      Sharon Rooney
    Chief Planner
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