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As a service to Cape officials, engineers and other interested parties, the Cape Cod Commission publishes monthly data about water levels at groundwater observation wells on Cape Cod. The data provide current information for the effective siting of septic systems and provide historical context for fluctuations in the regional water table in current assessments. Historical records on selected wells extend back to the 1950s.

The water level measurements shown below are taken monthly from United States Geological Survey (USGS) observation wells. They are compiled during the last week of each month and are published as soon as possible thereafter.

Listed below are nine out of the 61 wells measured across Cape Cod by the Commission's Water Resources staff. These nine are employed as index wells to be used with Technical Bulletin 92-001: Estimation of High Groundwater Levels for Construction and Land Use Planning to predict high groundwater levels. Also provided below is a link to USGS national data. See the last column in the table and the footnote below.

November 2014 (posted 12/3/14)

The following table is also available as a downloadable file.

Location Well No. Water Level* USGS Site Number**
(links to USGS national water-level database)
Barnstable 230* 22.55* 413956070164301
Barnstable 247 25.42 414154070165001
Bourne 198 33.93 --
Brewster 21 10.59 414518070020301
Chatham 138 25.42 414100070011101
Mashpee 29 9.38 413525070291904
Sandwich 252 47.50 414418070241601
Sandwich 253 50,52 414124070265901
Truro 89 11.62 420206070045901
Wellfleet 17 11.94 415353069585401

*Well to be replaced. Value estimated from Barnstable 231.

Measurements are in feet below land surface.
USGS national water-level database provides historic data, hydrographs, and site maps.

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Past USGS Observation Well Data


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