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Demolition Delay Network Listings:

Date Posted Town Photo and Address Time Frames
April 13, 2017 CHATHAM

Free Building, corner Stage Harbor Road and Harding Lane, Chatham

271 Stage Harbor Road

Delay period began: December 6, 2017

Delay period expires: May 30, 2018

for more information.

June 22, 2016


76 Barcliff Avenue, Chatham, MA - Photo #1 76 Barcliff Avenue, Chatham, MA - Photo #2 76 Barcliff Avenue, Chatham, MA - Photo #3
76 Barcliff Avenue

Delay period began: August 18, 2015
Delay period expires: February 18, 2017

LOST – the house was demolished


March 1, 2016


CHATHAM 373-375 Bridge Street, Chatham, MA

373-375 Bridge Street

Demolition Delay began: Feb. 16, 2016
Demolition Delay expires: Nine months later (November 16, 2016)

LOST – The house was demolished

February 16, 2010 CHATHAM 317 Stage Harbor

Stage Harbor Road

Demolition Delay began: Jan 14, 2010
Demolition Delay expires: 120 days later
September 21, 2009 BARNSTABLE Marchant House

Marchant House,
2 Irving Avenue
(off Marchants Mill Road),

(MHC BRN 567)

SAVED – Owner withdrew demolition plans and has reused the historic house
September 21, 2009 BARNSTABLE Josiah Handy House

Josiah Handy House,
35 Little River Road,

A six-month demolition delay commenced May 12, 2009.
August 6, 2007;
photo added August 14, 2007

Updated to "SAVED" September 21, 2009

BARNSTABLE 271 Wianno Avenue

271 Wianno Avenue, Osterville

Demolition delay imposed June 26, 2007 (six-month delay)

SAVED - Owner revised plans to preserve the historic building and design a new addition.

June 21, 2007

Updated to "LOST" status September 21, 2009

CHATHAM 1465 Old Queen Anne Road, Chatham A 12-month delay was voted by Chatham Historical Commission on June 12, 2007 (application came in before Town Meeting vote for 18-month delays).




May 15, 2007



2684 Main Street

2684 Main Street,
South Chatham


12-month demolition delay started in May 2007

LOST – The house was demolished



December 27, 2006

Photo added 2/6/07

House date added 3/21/07

"SAVED" Note added August 27, 2009

BARNSTABLE 330 Olde Homestead Drive

330 Olde Homestead Drive,
Marstons Mills

6-month demolition delay started on December 6, 2006

SAVED - An organization that creates workingopportunities for persons with disabilities bought the property and uses it as a working farm.


December 8, 2005 FALMOUTH 40 Associates Road Falmouth

40 Associates Road, Chapoquoit Island, Falmouth

Demolition delay period expired February 19, 2006


December 8, 2005 FALMOUTH 21 Crescent Avenue Falmouth

21 Crescent Avenue, Falmouth



Demolition delay period expired February 19, 2006


September 26, 2005 DENNIS Dennisport 45 (working) days from decision made on September 13, 2005

Expired November 19, 2005


April 26, 2005

Updated December 28, 2005

FALMOUTH 2 Wyoming Avenue

2 Wyoming Avenue, Falmouth Heights
(facing Grand Avenue)

Demolition delay imposed on March 26, 2005

Demolition delay expired June 23, 2005

LOST - The house was demolished in the fall of 2005.

January 12, 2005

Updated June 21, 2007

CHATHAM 43 Morris Island Road

43 Morris Island Road, Chatham

360-day demo delay imposed on November 30, 2004

LOST - The house was demolished, and it has been replaced with a much larger home.


January 12, 2005

Updated December 28, 2005

CHATHAM 81 Hitching Post Road

81 Hitching Post Road, Chatham

360-day demo delay imposed on November 30, 2004

LOST - After serious efforts to find alternatives to demolition, the old home was demolished and a larger home has replaced it.



January 12, 2005

Updated July 20, 2005

CHATHAM 19 Old Wharf Road

19 Old Wharf Road, North Chatham

SAVED - The owners have agreed to save the original house, removing later ells and moving the original building elsewhere on the property to serve as a guest house. A new main house will be constructed on the property.




October 18, 2004

Updated February 15, 2005

EASTHAM Eastham cottage

385 Mary Chase Road

Demolition of the building expected inearly April.
September 24, 2004

Updated December 28, 2005

CHATHAM (photo not available)

162 Shore Road, Chatham

Demolition Delay imposed September 9, 2004

Demolition Delay expired September 8, 2005

SAVED - The applicant withdrew the demolition proposal and instead submitted new plans for a modest addition.


September 24, 2004

Updated July 20, 2005

FALMOUTH Marcus, Falmouth

205 Associates Road, Chapoquoit, Falmouth

SAVED - The building was moved by barge to North Falmouth, then cut into sections and moved by truck to a new site where it was reassembled.



How to Post Listings

Local Historical Commissions can post information about buildings subject to demolition by sending the following information to the Cape Cod Commission:

- Location (street, town) of building proposed for demolition

- Date demolition delay was imposed

- Date demolition delay will expire

- Brief description of building (date of construction, style, square footage, history)

- Contact person and telephone number (Historical Commission or Owner)

- Photograph of the building, if possible (in print or as a digital file)



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